Our courses are created by experts from all over the world. During your course, you might find they’ll join in, actively supporting you in your learning. This is what we mean by facilitation at FutureLearn.

Educators are active on this course

If you see this message before enrolment, or during your course, it means that at that point there’s an active member of the course team (such as an educator, mentor or host) supporting the course. Being active includes reading comments, replying to learners, liking comments, highlighting comments by ‘pinning’ them, making small updates to the course content or working behind the scenes to support your learning.

Not everything an educator will do is always that visible to you, they have tools that can support all learners at once. 

If you don’t see this message, it means your learning will be self-guided. This still means lots of rich interaction with peers and immediate access to the course. 

“Great lead educator who was willing to get involved and bring discussions to life” – FutureLearner

Encouraging social interaction 

Active educators might not be visible to every learner. Sometimes their main goal is to encourage peer interaction, so they may work in ways that are very visible to some, and completely invisible to others. It depends on the educator: some like to get very hands-on and involved, while others work more ‘behind the scenes’. 

Personal responses and feedback 

While you may occasionally get a response from an educator, it can vary between courses. 

One of the strengths of FutureLearn is that we design courses to maximise learning with – and from – your peers, as well as the educators. You may find other learners have similar questions to you, or have a response from an educator. In that instance, we’d encourage you to ‘like’ their comment or the reply from an educator, to show it was helpful for you too. 

“They make the learning experience friendly and personal” – FutureLearner

Reporting any inappropriate comments or interactions

Reporting comments should be used to help filter out anything that shouldn’t be there. Anyone in a course can report a comment that is inappropriate, that includes learners and educators. If you see something that doesn’t follow our Code of Conduct, please report the comment by clicking the ⚐ icon. Educators can also make small changes if the course content was in any way causing comments to go a little off-track. 

“Hands on, knowledgeable and caring attitude towards us” – FutureLearner

Making content changes and updates 

Educators being active in the course might also mean they are looking at comments and making changes to the course content. These will only be small changes such as updating a link, fixing an error or rewriting a section that might now appear out of date. Courses are updated regularly, especially when the topic is evolving. 

Joining a course on different dates from the educator 

You can join before, during or after the period when the educator is active – start learning when it suits your plans. You’ll still benefit from the educator’s presence, even if it was before or after your enrolment. You’ll see their interactions with others, which is all part of the FutureLearn social learning experience. Also, don’t forget that educators can’t be online 24/7 – they sleep, too!

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Our Help Centre Article should answer your questions. 

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