Resources to teach kids about voting

In the U.S., exercising one’s right to vote is a key way to participate in our democracy. Research shows that teaching kids about voting increases their chances of becoming informed and engaged citizens. So use this time to teach your younger students about how to vote and the importance of casting a ballot in elections. 

Here, we offer some tips and resources to use in your classroom leading up to Election Day.


Watch a video to explain the importance of voting

To introduce the concept of voting to the youngest learners who aren’t familiar with voting at all, start with this video. Using fun visuals and easy-to-follow narration, the video breaks down what voting is at a basic level with everyday examples, like choosing a team captain. Then it applies this concept to governments and unpacks for kids what the process of choosing elected officials looks like. After the video, discuss the concepts of choice and consider putting on a short mock election to show kids how it all plays out.  


Dive deeper and have some fun with worksheets 

For slightly older kids or kids who are ready to learn about voting beyond an introductory video, try out these worksheets in class. Start a refresher of why we vote and then move onto foundational knowledge such as what is an election, understanding the federal government, and learning about electoral votes

To add some fun and creativity to the mix, let your students try their hands at a presidential word search, coloring an ‘I Voted’ sticker, and a government-themed crossword puzzle.

Find even more voting and government worksheets and activities for kids up to 5th grade on!


Assign IXL skills focused on elections 

When your students are ready to put their election knowledge to the test, suggest relevant skills on IXL. Students will work through different types of interactive questions and learn interesting facts when they answer a question correctly or walk through an explanation if they answer incorrectly. 

With these questions, students will learn about the voting process, why choosing leaders matters, the rules for running for office, how campaigning works, what political platforms are, and more! Try them out:

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