Most people believe that learning foreign languages is hard. Learning on your own makes it even more challenging. Is it exactly true or is it a myth? But before getting into this, lets talk about why people want to learn foreign languages, especially Spanish, in the first place. In actuality, there are a whole bunch of different reasons why people learn foreign languages. Some want to speak to as many people as possible, others to read as many books as possible. Most, however, probably learn a language because it’s needed for job hunting and promotion.


For example, today Spanish is amongst the most popular languages in the world. Why is it so? This is the 4th most widely spoken language in the world including native and nonnative speakers. There are more than 400 million native Spanish speakers on this planet. That makes about 6 percent of the total global population. It’s safe to say that speaking Spanish is a huge plus simply because the Spanish language means more opportunities in businesses, traveling, and communication with people who live Spanish speaking countries.

The more of us are getting sick and tired of all these restrictions and regulations in terms of safety during the coronavirus pandemic, the more people dream about traveling to fun or exotic locations. Who wouldnt want to spend the rest of the summer in Spain drinking wine and absorbing the sun on the beach? Or maybe traveling around Mexico enjoying marvelous weather and local foods? So, by learning even the basics of Spanish, youll get a step closer to your dream! You can definitely do it and learn in an easy and fun way, even if you are already retired and think that you aretoo old for this”. Actually, Spanish is probably one of theeasiestlanguages that an English speaker can expect to reach fluency in since it has similar phonology and grammar. So, lets talk more about learning Spanish easily by yourself and getting amazing results.

You can speed up the process of learning the basics of Spanish by studying online with a great fatherdaughter team, Peter Hanley and his daughter Jessica. They developed their own fun and effective method for teaching Spanish which will get you hooked on the program right away. The online courseSpanish for Beginners. The Complete Methoddelivers essentials of the Spanish language in a matter of weeks. You will be able to put words together and already say something in Spanish only after 2 hours of studying! During this course, youll learn thousands of useful and practical phrases in Spanish which you will happily use during your trip or communication with natives.

So, take advantage of online courses offered on the Grinfer learning platform and build your knowledge and skills in Spanish!

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