Are you whistling lots of tunes during the day? Or maybe you get lots of melodies cruising around your head? Make music with them! If you dont know how to shape your tunes into music, well, there are lots of ways that modern technology can provide. Many people today create electronic music with just a computer on hand. Yep, that’s all you need.

Electronic music of today can be defined into the following categories:

  • Sound design. Creating your own sounds, textures, from synthesis.
  • Programming. Вig at the core of your PC to use audiolanguage related environments such as MAX/MSP. You’ll have to understand programming in general, as well as have lots of time for producing first bleeps.
  • Composing/sequencing. Using loops or your own sounds, to create a narrative story.
  • Sampling. Using recorded sounds for manipulation.

In other words, anything in terms of making musical compositions can be created on a computer workstation along with online tools used for polishing musical compositions. Sounds unbelievable, but it is true. So, start learning essentials of electronic music production with an online masterclass “Music Producer Masterclass: Make Electronic Musicset up by a popular composer and entertainer, Chester Sky.   

Chester Sky is known as a highlyskilled musician and sound maker who have created lots of original music for action movies, documentaries, TV ads, computer games, etc. He works with a whole variety of different music styles and genres, such as orchestral, EDM, dubstep, atmospheric sound effects, and so on. Chester has 7 music albums under his belt. He has created four bestselling online courses that have already engaged over 5,000 students in 100+ countries all over the world.

Chester Skys masterclass will provide you with all tips and hints for starting to compose catchy, polished, foottapping songs that sound awesome. During this masterclass, you’ll be taught how to start evolving melodies shaping them into songs. Chester will walk you through stepbystep showing the best ways to use  FL Studio software, which is one of the most popular now and widely used for making music.

Also, youll master the following useful skills like mixing music compositions, adding sidechain compression to balance kick drums with the bass melody, pitching correct vocals, making cool sound effects, adding them to your vocal with vocalizers, learn how to take advantage of glitch effects, making dubstep growls, and much more. This masterclass is created for anybody who is interested in creating music, as well as for those who want to make it even with no prior experience.

Take this masterclass on Grinfer today and turn electronic music into your most absorbing hobby! Who knows, maybe someday your music will become popular transforming you into an ultimate celebrity.

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