Droves of people have turned to online learning, many for the first time, while home during the COVID-19 pandemic. While many are looking for ways to grow or change careers, build future-resilient skills, and invest in their academic future, many others are simply looking to learn for fun.

In our recent survey exploring how the pandemic is changing the way that Americans think about their future education and career decisions, we found that 30% of people surveyed were interested in taking a course to explore a new interest.

30% are more likely to enroll in an online course to learn something for fun

As we enter this new season, delve into opportunities to discover new interests and grow your passions. Whether you want to explore the world from home, learn a language, take up a new hobby, or get creative, there’s a learning adventure at edX for you. Read on for a few course highlights.

Great Creative With an Award-Winning Art Course

Winners of the 2017 edX Prize for Exceptional Contributions in Online Teaching and Learning, University of Newcastle Professors Andrew Howells and Bernadette Drabsch’s Drawing Nature, Science and Culture: Natural History Illustration 101 course is not only beautiful and creative, but an incredible example of excellent and innovative course design and delivery.

The course effectively simulates the experience of a traditional face-to-face studio environment for learners all over the world, delivering innovative online methods that break down the illustration components and theory of drawing into accessible techniques so that learners can truly gain the skills they need to see and draw nature like a professional illustrator. No art background required.

Read Your Way Around the World

HarvardX’s Modern Masterpieces of World Literature course examines how writers reach beyond national and linguistic boundaries as worldly readers and travelers, and how their modern fictions rise to the status of world literature.

Take this course to learn how writers use their fictions to engage directly with the political and social concerns of their present and of a globalized modernity, relating experiences of exploration, migration, international conflict, and cultural exchange. You’ll learn how to critically analyze literary works, alongside the historical and political context in China, Argentina, Turkey, and more.

Turn Your Home Into a Language Lab

Language courses are very popular on edX, and a great skill to learn while spending more time at home. One learner described the experience of taking WellesleyX’s introductory Italian Language and Culture course as “It is like having a language lab right in my house.” Here’s what other learners are saying:

  • “I’m learning Italian so easily and fast, with so much fun.”
  • “Brilliantly structured, extremely engaging and very motivating course.”
  • “Thank you for the fantastic course. I am overwhelmingly grateful for the richness and depth of the material and the opportunity to learn”
  • “I am constantly impressed by the freshness and challenge of the materials.”
  • “I take language classes in school too and I can honestly say that this course far exceeds them.”
  • “This is the first time I’ve been successful in learning a language. Thank you!”

Go Behind Your Favorite Brews

WageningenX’s Science of Beer course promises that once you’re done, “drinking a simple pint of beer will never be the same!” The course was entirely developed by students and recognized as a finalist for the 2019 edX Prize for Exceptional Contributions in Online Teaching and Learning.

“Beer is a very common, everyday product known in many cultures all over the world. It is liked by many people. However, when you think of it, it is not so simple a product at all. It appears to be a product with a lot of science and technology in it,” the course creators shared. “We take learners on a journey to discover the supply chain of beer. This not only includes the production of beer, but also the raw materials, marketing and health effects of beer consumption.”

Explore more learning adventures in creativity, arts and culture, hobbies, languages, and more.

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