Forward is a premier virtual learning experience that brings leaders from around the world to share their devotion to lead through learning. In this spotlight, you’ll get to know Shradha Prakash and find out why you won’t want to miss her session. 

Shrada Prakash is a self-professed “org design nerd.” For over a decade, she’s focused on rethinking organizational structure. From Infosys and Boston Consulting Group to Prudential, Shradha has worked across industries and geographies.

Designing Organizations of the Future Udemy presentation with Shradha Prakash

One of the major lessons she’s learned in her career so far? What worked in the past most likely won’t work in the future. Many companies are stuck in an outdated structure from the 1960s. This hierarchical, siloed model no longer reflects the way we work today. And it definitely doesn’t show us how we’ll be working tomorrow.

Shradha spends so much time thinking about the future it’s part of her job title: VP, Future of Work – Org Design & Enablement at Prudential. In this role, Shradha looks at the organization as an interconnected system. She focuses on building capabilities to produce business outcomes. And she takes a holistic view of work, workforce, and workplace.

At Forward, you’ll have the chance to hear Shradha share her vision for the future – and the steps and strategies she recommends to get you there to help drive business outcomes.

Register for Forward to hear Shradha discuss:

  • Why we need to think about organizations differently today and how to design an outcome and leader-led approach
  • How to center your organizational design around capabilities and connection that will change and adapt with the world
  • How points of engagement help to identify the flow of work within the organization

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