Eduonix learning Solutions is the premier training and skill development organization which was started with a vision to bring world class training content, pedagogy and best learning practices to everyone’s doorsteps . Eduonix aims to identify and provide the best learning and training environment. It identifies industry veterans and content creators around the globe and bring it to the global audience using number of intuitive platforms for easy and affordable access to quality content. Eduonix offers easy to understand online courses and workshops for everyday people. 



Corporate Office (India) :

916, Rupa Solitaire – 9th Floor, A1 Building, Millennium Business park, Mahape
Navi Mumbai – 400710

+91 22-27782183/84

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10685-B Hazelhurst Dr. #23150
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3.9 rating
3.9 out of 5 stars (based on 8 reviews)
Very good13%

3.0 rating
January 20, 2021

i like this very moment to say some prcious versions about such good affair but i am not sure this will do me any favor

anastasia a.

I found Eduonix learning solutions an innovative platform…

5.0 rating
November 5, 2020

I found Eduonix learning solutions an innovative platform where I could get rid of my books and simply go on learning different languages of programming in short time and in enjoyable framework, it also helped me lot in my projects.

nitesh k.

Low production quality

2.0 rating
November 5, 2020

Jumped into my first course and was immediately struck by the seemingly low production quality:
1. The audio seems to be recorded with no noise isolation and/or cancellation. Which means you hear every mouse click and keyboard typing and even the instructor moving his mouse very loudly.
2. The audio of some courses are way louder than others.
3. Instructor made (minor) mistakes which aren’t yet clarified. (not a big deal but adds up to the overall impression)
4. Generally the instructor sounds like he’s improvising in what he’s saying. What I mean by that is, you will hear a lot of “ahms” and “uhms” and rephrased statements which doesn’t seem to be a big deal at the start but gets quite a bit annoying over time.
5. many little things that backs the impression of a low production quality, which is, considering the prizes of up to 199 bucks for a course, not great.
Up until this point I would not recommend Eduonix. Let’s see how the other courses turn out, and I will edit my review.

Dom C.

I enjoyed the content of the course very much

5.0 rating
November 5, 2020

I enjoyed the content of the course very much. The instructions were very clear and easy to understand also they had good set of examples which were great and very useful and relevant as well. Overall, a good solid intro to HTML5.

abhishek t.

Amazing Platform to Learn Programming

5.0 rating
November 5, 2020

Highly Recommended for those who are newbie to programming or any field of development like web development, software development etc.

Wright H.

Instructor speaks very quickly and mashes lessons together

2.0 rating
November 5, 2020

If he had just slowed down a bit and taken a BREATH, I suppose it would have been a 2.5.
Instructor throws concepts together making it more difficult to follow. Sounds like instructor is improvising.
He used a garbage microphone and mispronounces words.

Tip for consumers: Use this site to REFRESH yourself, not learn new material.




Garren W.

Great Platform

5.0 rating
November 5, 2020

The days of having to physically go and sign up for a class and then attend it are long gone. Just like everything else, classes are also becoming digital. Now, classes and courses are available wherever you want them to be. You don’t even have to leave your home for it.
Courses are well designed by professionals and experts from the industry. These courses are far more beneficial as they provide you with up-to-date practical knowledge of how these courses are applicable in real life.

Paddy L.

Amazing Platform

4.0 rating
November 5, 2020

Eduonix is amazing platform. I enjoy learning online at Eduonix. Amazing instructor with in-depth knowledge makes the very polished content. Highly recommend for every one those wants to learning programming and technology niche.




Sam D.