Codecademy is an online interactive platform that offers free coding classes in 12 different programming languages including Python (pandas-Python library, Beautiful Soup-Python Library), Java, Go, JavaScript (jQuery, AngularJS, React.js), Ruby (Ruby on Rails-Ruby framework), SQL, C++, Swift, and Sass, as well as markup languages HTML and CSS. The site also offers a paid “Pro” option that gives users access to personalized learning plans, quizzes, and realistic projects.

Codecademy was founded in August 2011 by Zach Sims and Ryan Bubinski. Sims dropped out of Columbia University to focus on launching a venture, and Bubinski graduated from Columbia in 2011.

The platform also provides courses for learning command line and Git. In September 2015, Codecademy, in partnership with Periscope, added a series of courses designed to teach SQL, the predominant programming language for database queries. In October 2015, Codecademy created a new course, a class on Java programming. As of January 2014, the site had over 24 million users who had completed over 100 million exercises. The site has received positive reviews from the New York Times and TechCrunch. As part of the Computer Science Education Week held in December 2013, Codecademy launched its first iOS app called “Hour of Code”. The app focuses on the basics of programming, including the same content from the website. In April 2019, Codecademy partnered with Adafruit for a course on electronics and hardware programming. In December 2019, Codecademy launched a new course on Swift, a language developed by Apple Inc. for iOS, watchOS, macOS, tvOS, and more.



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Avoid the full stack course

2.0 rating
October 21, 2021

I’m doing the full stack course with them and the second part of the course (backend) is an absolute joke. It’s basically a bunch of external articles and external tutorials, some of them written in broken english and with typos in the code that can break an entire application. 32 per month for basically making me read a bunch of wikipedia records and substandard external tutorials by god knows who. It’s a real shame because the frontend part was really put together, I learnt React easily and my portfolio project was almost as good as that of an experienced developer. But now I’m having to build a backend and because of it’s bad structure Im more lost than ever. I ended up in tutorial hell created by the company I paid to help me avoid it. I don’t understand why they published this course when the backend part is nowhere near being ready. Honestly, I should get a refund for the last 2 month because this has not helped me to become a full stack dev.

Rob CZ

Lack of Customer Service

3.0 rating
October 21, 2021

Overall, as a teacher, I appreciate the layout, the quick turn arounds, and the pacing that makes it “game-ified”. I appreciate the weekly goal setting to help you stay engaged and motivated. BUT. Here are my pet peeves that just started this week. The checking tests they run your code through only test the CODE and not the OUTPUT. I used formatted strings instead of concatenation, and I could not pass the level. I used ()s to organize my conditional statements. While I was not allowed to pass the level I was on when using ()s, I was then expected to have the habit of ()s in the next level without them explicitly stating that habit. The tests should be run on the OUTPUT more often than the CODE since there is more than one way to format code when not needing specific naming devices. And my LARGEST ISSUE: There is no way to give feedback! At first, I was content with the issues mentioned above. I was going to find a feedback email or a real person, etc and let them know my issue. I expected to be heard and either have a solution created or at least hear a reason why. Nope. There is no email to email feedback. There is no phone number for feedback. There is an auto chat line, but that did nothing as it is not a real person. There is a place to recommend more Pathways for the company, but you need to have a Pathway recommendation from the list they ALREADY PROVIDE, and then who knows how me writing feedback in the incorrect line would be taken. Alas, as I did not have another Pathway that fit my feedback request, I could not use that. There is literally no way to contact Customer Service! (That I could find) If anyone else finds one, I would love to know! Then, yesterday, I received an email from Codecademy to review them here! The LINK WAS NOT A LINK. I had to google Trustpilot, search for Codecademy, and leave this review MYSELF. Why? This lack of desiring feedback and being available to paying customers (I am paying for a full year of Pro) is astonishing! As a teacher who wants feedback from my students and needs feedback to change practices, routines, what-have-you, this is even more mind-boggling. Overall, the learning experience and curriculum is great so far. But, do not go into this hoping for a person to ever contact you nor for you to ever contact the “illusive people” in the cloud that is Codecademy. Sad.

Daphne Olson

Really poor quality content

1.0 rating
October 21, 2021

Really poor quality content, going through some of the Java learning materials and can tell no one has proof read it. Feels like someone overworked + doesn’t care about their job built this website. Users are asked to do exactly as the instructions ask, no brain power or problem solving required 100% simon says, so frustrating and boring over time. Encountered error prompts telling me to use a function or call a print when the instructions have not asked for this. Have even had an exercise in the middle of learning a complicated concept that was ‘execute the code we’ve given you to see what it does’ and the ‘main’ function was completely empty ! hence the code did nothing! Cancelled my recurring payment during 2 day of my free trial as the content is so bad and now I’ve lost the remaining 5 days of my trial too! Don’t bother with PRO and don’t bother at all, this website is really scraping the barrel here

Susan Hogg

New and improved

5.0 rating
October 16, 2021

I’ve been using Codecademy daily for three months now and it is miles apart from the comments I read of years ago. None of those complaints are relevant as of October 2021 and I’ve had no issues with customer service, servers being down, etc. I would say try it and enjoy the improvements. There are courses for all levels! This site deserves at least 5 stars. I’ve completed multiple courses and I’m fully satisfied. Thanks Codecademy for such a great site; I plan to keep my annual subscription for years to come.

Daniel S.

A lovely website to begin web programming

5.0 rating
February 20, 2021

Codecademy – A lovely website to begin web programming!!!

chris J.

Best site!

5.0 rating
February 20, 2021

I love codecademy!!!! Best!!!!

Aziz h.

Amateurish instruction

2.0 rating
January 24, 2021

I have been using Codecademy for a few months. They have a very text-based lesson plan that quickly turns to providing the user solutions to problems rather than teaching. There are giant holes in what the beginner will learn and what they will be expected to know. Terms, functions, methods are often left out of the lesson discussion, yet appear in the projects. This is a theme for many other coding places. I assume most of the content is made by amateurs and that is the result you can expect for yourself as you progress through the pathways. The forums seem to be fed by “volunteers” that for some reason have hours of free time, indicating that they are probably propped up by Codecademy as employees to blow smoke and positivity at the paying customers. That would be great if the content was equally relevant, coherent, and useful. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Maybe it is a good place to start but do not pay full price and get ready to take your money elsewhere if you would like to make any practical coding advancements.

Nicholas Fry

Very difficult to get in touch with

1.0 rating
January 23, 2021

Very difficult to get in touch with them They tried to take my money but luckily I didnt have enough credit and theyve been declined. They renewed my trial without asking or remember that to me although they bombarded me with emails Horrible experience

Giada Combusti

5.0 rating
January 20, 2021

better then nothing

anastasia a.