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360training’s mission is to provide individuals and organizations with regulatory approved training, enabling a safe and healthy environment for the communities they serve. 


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4.0 rating
4 out of 5 stars (based on 183 reviews)
Very good19%

Ccomprehensive and challenging

5.0 rating
October 1, 2021

Ccomprehensive and challenging. This is absolutely amazing. The UI and overall user experience is top class.

Zakaria D.

Not the same delivery style throughout

4.0 rating
January 20, 2021

Not the same delivery style throughout course. Delivery of information is pretty boring. However, the mission was accomplished and it was quick and easy.


This was a great opportunity to get

5.0 rating
January 20, 2021

This was a great opportunity to get what I needed. Done fast thank you for all you do for manager

andre mason

360Training offered good and

4.0 rating
January 20, 2021

360Training offered good and interesting content in the courses I purchased. My only complaints would be the time to take the course was not accurate if you did not rush through it. Normally, I finish courses ahead of time and can review. One 360 training course (3ht) took nearly 5 hours to complete. Another regquired clicking on mandatory links which also would have at least doubled the time involved if you actually read all of them. The advanced math class was the exception. Very good course with adequate time. Would suggest answers on quizzes show the equation so learner could no where they made a mistake. Only other improvement would be to eliminate surveys before the final quiz and replace them with relevant questions to be taken after the final exam. They were very annoying! I would say the content is some of the best I’ve encountered in CE.

M OConnell

360training offered an efficient set of

4.0 rating
January 20, 2021

360training offered an efficient set of modules to receive my food handlers license. Would definitely recommend.

Marissa Sandoval

I liked the voiced over slides and the

5.0 rating
January 13, 2021

I liked the voiced over slides and the fact that they provided an eazy to read pdf.

Risa Okazaki

Time management on your part

3.0 rating
January 13, 2021

The timer for page review was a large time consumer that took away time for me to complete the test in a timely fashion. It is distracting and your clients would be better served without the thought of having time taken away and not being able to bypass the timer to work through the subject matter.

Gregory Gundlach

Please make an effort to make amends to who can take this class and where it can be taken.

1.0 rating
January 13, 2021

to whom it may concern, My Employers Server is based in the Uk but I work for Wood Group of the Americas. We support the Global Market in Oil & Gas. I am currently based in Carlsbad, New Mexico with a team creating jobs for the working class in the poorest state of America in the worst city to live in and to not be able to take this class because the US Department of Labor has limits to where we can take this class is absurd. Please take the time to consider amending where these tests can be taken and by who. Our Company is actually working for the citizens of New Mexico. United States citizens! can your team catch up?

E. Rocky B.

Completed the food manager safety class.

5.0 rating
January 13, 2021

The class was complete and well done. I take the final test tomorrow lets see how I do!! I used 360 five years ago and I did great. Now Im renewing my certificate. Im sure Ill do great. I feel prepared. Thanks 360.Great news I took the final test with a great proctor observing, and I passed!Now Im good for 5 more years as a good Food Safety Manager.

Sister Zina Onoro

Good product

5.0 rating
January 13, 2021

Good product. Easy to use.

Kristin Bloomquist