Khan Academy’s 2019 Annual report

Millions of people spent 8.7 BILLION minutes learning on Khan Academy in 2019. Wow! That’s more minutes spent learning then there are humans on Earth. Together, in ways big and small, we are all demonstrating that #YouCanLearnAnything.   

Our newly released 2019 annual report contains all sorts of amazing stats. Whether it’s how we’re bringing Khan Academy to public classrooms and school districts here in the United States and around the world, how scientific efficacy research informs improvements to Khan Academy, or how many minutes have been spent singing, dancing, and getting the wiggles out on Khan Academy Kids, our app for two to seven-year olds, we can almost guarantee you’ll learn something you didn’t know about the work we’re doing.

The recent events of 2020 show our mission is more important than ever.  We are even more determined to do everything we can to keep everyone learning.  

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