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Using IXL to improve problem-solving skills

Problem-solving skills help students build confidence and overcome obstacles in their learning. So when working through new material in the classroom, it’s important that kids have access to a full Learn more…

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How To Keep Your Team Happy When Everyone Seems to be Quitting

The past couple of years has been hectic for the global workforce. Not only did the COVID pandemic disrupt operations across all industries, but it also led many people to Learn more…

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16 C# Interview Questions to Practice

Whether you’re drawn to C# for its versatility, usability, or the ease with which you can transition to it from C++, C# is a powerful, effective programming language. Many types Learn more…

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Energise Your Career – 5 courses on the energies and careers of the future!

As the world continues to adapt to combat climate change, the energy sector is undergoing more drastic changes than almost any other industry. The shift from coal, oil and gas Learn more…

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How Much is an App Developer’s Salary?

With the world embracing technology more and more every day, both personally and commercially, the software development industry is expected to grow exponentially. Recent surveys show that there will be Learn more…

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10 HTML and CSS Code Challenges for Beginners

HTML and CSS form the foundation of modern web development. HTML defines how a web page is structured, and CSS defines its style. While both languages are relatively easy to Learn more…

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The Alison Career Guide – Personalised for your Course Needs and Career Dreams!

The Alison Career Guide is the one stop career encyclopedia that provides you with everything you need to successfully embark on your career of choice. The Guide outlines over 500 Learn more…

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8 Junior Software Developer Interview Questions to Practice

You’ve worked hard to land your Junior Software Developer interview. You’ve built your skills, created a Junior Developer resume, applied to jobs, and now, you’re this close to launching your Learn more…

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5 Resume Writing Tips for Changing Careers

Switching careers can be a daunting challenge, but writing your resume doesn’t have to be. In fact, your resume can make the transition a lot easier. Not only will it Learn more…

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Top 9 Vuetify Templates for Web Developer

IntroductionThings to Know About Vuetify: Vuetify Pros and ConsTop 9 Examples of Vuetify TemplatesConclusions Introduction It is safe to say that in 2021 user experience is crucial. And, subsequently, user Learn more…

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They Ended Up Getting In Touch I Was Scammed

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November 17, 2021

They Ended Up Getting In Touch

October 17th, 2017
Updated review

I wrote to Skillshare one last time, and it seems like in the past 4 months they have really upped their customer service game. I received a same-day response apologizing for my previous experience and with an offer to refund me all my money. This gesture was more than I expected, and I am grateful to know that people do actually work at this company, and it seems they are listening to the negative reviews and trying to create a better company. I still have a sour taste in my mouth, but I feel like after they ended up giving me all my money back I should update my review and give them more than one star.

Sarah D.

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